Exclusive Access + GENESIS Patch Notes v1.0

Genesis Update

February 4, 2022 @ 12:00 PM PST

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When you think of Metaversal gaming, Web3 creation, the blockchain gaming revolution and digital currency, think GEN-E Studios. GEN-E Studios is founded upon 3 pillars: video game development, web3 advancement, & live activations. All pillars fuel each other and our goal is to give users the power to earn, create, buy, trade, & sell on the blockchain while bridging the gap between the crypto & gaming industries.

The future of the gaming industry is in its players’ hands. Blockchain gaming gives power back to those who invest their time into the games they love. Play to earn and user ownership are the future of blockchain-based gaming and this is why in 2022, we are giving power back to the players.

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Update Highlights

Massive improvements were made in the arena.

The Genesis update brings a whole new feel to this amazing arena shooter. The community always had their fair share of critique on movement speed, weapon damage, and armor, so we listened and used their feedback for this update. The number one menace was known as the “Third Person Bug”, however with extensive work between the QA team and Developers we are happy to announce that it has been fixed. Then with the community’s help we made changes and improved the movement mechanics, making the game feel even more responsive and faster than ever. On top of that, the weapons have been reworked to reward good aim, therefore killing opponents has become much quicker if your aim is on point. Along with the weapon changes, armor needed to be changed as well, so we no longer have the confusing two armor system. All of these major changes were brainstormed and suggested by our wonderful community and now thanks to our industrious developer team are part of the game.

Read all about the patch notes here

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Quality of life changes



In Early December, GEN-E Studios sold out its first NFT collection, GEN-ZERO within a few days. This NFT allows its users to access The Forge Arena and play the block-chain based FPS every weekend, as well as take part in Community Nights Tournaments in North America, Europe and Asia. Additionally to this exclusive access to the game, holders are going to receive free sparks to buy NFTs off our in-game launcher store, as well as fuel the NFT Generator.

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Generate Your NFT



The GEN-E NFT Generator lives online and is powered by sparks and weapon parts. Divided into two categories: Crafting & Skin Assembly, users will be able to craft specific weapon parts by using Bounty, Soul & Scrap credits (these are explained further down). Once they get the weapon parts, they will be able to assemble the skin through the generator. Once these weapon parts are loaded in, users will randomize their roll until they mint their skins to be used in The Forge Arena, or trade/sell it on any WAX Blockchain powered marketplaces.



Following the first GENESIS update, we will be introducing a new launcher update featuring our new NFT store. You will be able to purchase sparks which in turn can be used to buy anything from the store, from weapon cosmetics to the battle pass. You will be able to acquire community or in-house made weapon cosmetics, which can be used right away in the arena, or sold/traded on any WAX Blockchain powered secondary marketplaces.

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Play to earn


The future of the gaming industry is in its players’ hands. Blockchain gaming gives power back to those who devote their lives to the games they love. Play to earn and user ownership are the future of blockchain-based gaming and this is why in 2022, we are giving power back to the players. By playing The Forge Arena, you will be earning different types of credits for different actions performed within the game ecosystem. Collect these credits to power the NFT Generator, buy off the NFT Store, or by cashing them out to the upcoming GENCOIN.

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    Players will earn Bounty credits by completing daily challenges, missions and by completing specific objects in the game.

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    Players will earn Soul credits by accumulating kills in the game.

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    Players will earn Scrap credited by gameplay time and are compensated for their time spent in the Arena.

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    Purchased from the game launcher. Fueling the NFT Generator & NFT Store.



GEN-Esports is fully dedicated to creating cutting-edge, world-renowned tournaments, and events. The Ascendance Series will be the first-ever Blockchain Based Esport Circuit with an evolving prize pool. The series is an open qualifier tournament for The Forge Arena where teams will compete for an uncapped prize pool, culminating in a North American LAN tournament. The percentage of Ascendance Series Badge NFT sold will power the evolving prize pool. A percentage of every badge sold will contribute to the trigger threshold of $1,000,000 prize pool. 50% of the total marketplace sales will be added to the prize pool. There will be no caps to the final prize pool.

Built on WAX

King of NFTs

The WAX Blockchain and The Forge Arena are naturally synonymous together. Based on consumer first principles, the WAX Cloud Wallet (WCW) is the most eco-friendly and easiest to use wallet on the market. With 0 Gas Fees, WAX is built using EOSIO technology which provides industry-leading transaction speeds and a sub-second block time latency rate. This allows players to create freely without the limitations of outrageous gas fees. WAX has the most daily transactions than any other Blockchains combined. Yes! You read that right! The future belongs to the King of NFTs.

Full Patch Notes

genesis v.1.0

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The Forge Arena is a game that was first created back in 2018. Due to the lack of development and usage since then the team has had to figure out the exact state that it was left in. This was by no means a small or easy task, which meant it took longer than the developers anticipated.There were changes made by the old studio that were never released to the public because of the game shutting down. This means that our team had to find those changes, make sure they were working properly and then we could focus on what we wanted.

From the start the community gave us a sizable amount of feedback to sort through. As we started to really get a hold of the project, we made it a main goal to listen to our community and use that feedback to make the game better. The result of which is prevalent throughout this massive update. The sheer amount of improvements to the project really makes it feel like it’s not the same game that some of us “OGS” played back in 2018.

Making this game a competitive FPS has been the goal from the start, but we also wanted to achieve the casual aspect as well since we want to support all playstyles. The changes we made were carefully thought out and resulted in casual play still being fun for everyone no matter the skill level. The whole team has hit so many milestones in such a short amount of time that it shows the passion we have behind the project. We will continue to show this passion and dedication with all our future updates, with our main focus always being the community. We want to thank everyone who has been here since the beginning as well as all the people who are new. Thank you for sticking with us on our journey to make this project the biggest in the world.

- GEN-E Studios Team